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Saponificio Aquaviva

Liquid Hand Soap "Simple Blue" with Anise

Liquid Hand Soap "Simple Blue" with Anise

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Our "Blue" Hand Soap is a celebration of the authentic scent of anise , an essence that captures the freshness and energy of the Italian sea coasts. This soap will envelop your hands with a unique scent, transporting you directly to the shores of the ocean.

Made with care and passion in the heart of Italy, this Mani Soap represents the contemporary style and craftsmanship that define Made in Italy . Each use will be a sensorial experience, a pampering for your hands that will make you feel as if you were experiencing the modern elegance of Italy.

Choose "Blue" Hand Soap to envelop your hands in the freshness of anise and to give yourself a moment of authentic Italian luxury. A unique fragrance for your everyday life.

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