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Everything is possible, you just need to have imagination.

We create the Perfect Soap Experience

Welcome to the enveloping universe of Saponificio Aquaviva , where our passion translates into high quality soap, created exclusively for you. Our mission is to transform soap into a sensorial work of art, wrapped in unique fragrances and irresistible textures.

For your every need, we customize your soap. From researching market trends to carefully listening to your requests, we guarantee the creation of unique and engaging solutions. Our imagination has no limits when it comes to creating shapes and colors that fully represent your needs.

In our world, attention to detail is key . If the eye wants its part, the sense of smell deserves just as much respect. This is why we choose exclusively natural , cruelty-free fragrances, free of synthetic chemicals, to guarantee maximum safety for your health and the environment. We use vegetable raw materials, coming from sustainable sources and in line with market trends, to offer you the quality you deserve.

Your Vision of Soap, Our Reality: Personalized Services for Extraordinary Soaps

Our soap production service, both liquid and solid, embraces every aspect of the process, starting from your vision and accompanying you until delivery. We offer you:

  • The art of creating soaps with unique fragrances, in which the art of perfumery blends with craftsmanship, creating unforgettable olfactory experiences .
  • The possibility of creating high quality solid soaps and liquid soaps with customized packaging , to meet the needs of distributors and brands that want to stand out.
  • The creation of private label product lines, perfect for hotel facilities, wellness centers and hospitality venues, with turnkey solutions to simplify the process.

We are ready to make your vision of the perfect soap come true. Contact us today to begin your sensory journey to the soap you've always wanted.

  • Made in Italy certification - IT01

  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification

  • Vegan OK certification

  • Excellence Award

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