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Saponificio Aquaviva

Bergamot and Mandarin Body Wash Soap

Bergamot and Mandarin Body Wash Soap

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Our Bergamot and Mandarin Body Wash Soap is a sensorial journey inspired by the picturesque Amalfi coast . This soap offers a mix of intense and unique fragrances, an exclusive combination that deviates from the usual patterns. It will be an olfactory experience that will make you feel like you are in Amalfi. Vegan Formula.

Characteristics of Bergamot and Mandarin Body Wash Soap:

  • Intense Fragrance Mix: Bergamot and mandarin come together to create a bouquet of intense and engaging scents.
  • Amalfi Inspiration: This soap is inspired by the beautiful Amalfi coast, famous for its Mediterranean scents.
  • Exclusive and Unconventional: This combination of fragrances is unique and will offer you an olfactory experience unlike anything you have ever tried.

Choose our Bergamot and Mandarin Body Wash Soap for a sensorial experience that will transport you directly to the Amalfi coast. Each use will be a moment of escape and well-being, making your daily cleaning routine an unforgettable journey for the senses. Add this soap to your beauty routine and discover how it can transform your shower into a moment of luxury and relaxation.

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