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Oat Emollient Body Wash Soap

Oat Emollient Body Wash Soap

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Our Emollient Oat Body Wash is a tribute to a cereal with a centenary history, widely used throughout the world. Oat extract is known for its dermoprotective , hydrating and film-forming properties. Oat-based products are the ideal choice for all skin types, including the most sensitive, such as that of children and the elderly. This soap is VeganOK certified and contains valuable oat proteins .

Characteristics of the Oat Emollient Body Wash Soap:

  • Emollient Properties: Oats are known for their emollient properties, which help keep the skin soft and hydrated.
  • Dermoprotection: Oat extract offers precious protection to the skin, helping to maintain its natural barrier.
  • Suitable for All Skin Types: This soap is recommended for all skin types, including that of children and the elderly, thanks to its delicacy and its hydrating properties.
  • VeganOK Certification: We are proud to announce that our Oat Emollient Body Wash is VeganOK certified, reflecting our commitment to ethical production.

Choose our Oat Emollient Body Wash Soap for soft, protected and hydrated skin . Each use will be a moment of care and well-being, making your daily cleansing routine a gesture of love for your skin. Add this soap to your beauty routine and discover how it can improve the health and beauty of your skin naturally.

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