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Saponificio Aquaviva

Moisturizing Body Wash Soap 270Gr "Goat's Milk and Honey"

Moisturizing Body Wash Soap 270Gr "Goat's Milk and Honey"

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Treat yourself to a luxurious treatment with our exclusive " Goat's Milk and Honey " Moisturizing Body Wash Soap. This product, carefully made in Italy, is an ode to the most delicate and ultra soft skincare. Its formulation, enriched with natural ingredients , combines the nourishment of goat's milk with the soothing properties of honey. Every shower turns into an authentic wellness ritual, while the sweet and enveloping fragrance lulls your senses. Trust Italian craftsmanship to take care of your skin with this extraordinary product, which combines tradition with well-being. You will live a unique experience with the "Goat's Milk and Honey" Body Wash Soap, where beauty and nature blend in a symphony of indulgence and care.

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