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Saponificio Aquaviva

Vegan Lavender Body Wash Soap

Vegan Lavender Body Wash Soap

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Our Lavender Vegan Body Wash Soap is a bouquet of enveloping scents, in which the freshness of lavender calms the mind and spirit. This vegan formula is inspired by the beauty of Vietri , an enchanting place on the Amalfi coast.

Characteristics of Lavender Vegan Body Wash Soap:

  • Freshness of Lavender: The freshness of lavender offers a moment of calm and relaxation to mind and spirit.
  • Inspired by Vietri: This soap draws inspiration from the beauty of Vietri, famous for its ceramics and its Mediterranean scents.
  • Vegan Formula: Our formula is vegan, guaranteeing an ethical and animal-friendly choice.

Choose our Lavender Vegan Body Wash Soap for a relaxing and enveloping experience. Each use will be a moment of pure relaxation and well-being, transforming your daily cleaning routine into an olfactory journey. Add this soap to your beauty routine and discover how it can bring the freshness and Mediterranean scents of Vietri directly into your shower.

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