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Saponificio Aquaviva

Orange and Clove Scented Body Wash Soap

Orange and Clove Scented Body Wash Soap

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Welcome to a Christmas olfactory adventure with our exclusive Limited Edition Orange and Clove Soap. This soap is a true celebration of the holidays, capturing the enveloping aroma of orange and clove often used to create decorations that fill the home with a wonderful scent. With our soap, you bring the Christmas atmosphere directly into your cleaning routine.

Why Choose Orange and Clove Soap:

  • Christmas Scent: Orange and cloves create a Christmas fragrance that delights the hands, transforming every use into a moment of celebration.
  • Vegan Soap: We are proud to offer a product that respects our animal friends. Our soap is certified Vegan, free from ingredients of animal origin and made with ethical care.
  • Made in Italy: Our soap is certified Made in Italy, a symbol of quality and craftsmanship. It is produced with passion and dedication in the picturesque Italian lands.

Make your cleaning routine a Christmas experience with Limited Edition Orange and Clove Soap. Each use will transport your spirit into the holidays, giving a wonderful fragrance to your hands. Add a touch of Christmas magic to your daily care and discover how our soap can make your winter even more special.

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