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Saponificio Aquaviva

Meridio Extra Fine Gentleman Scented Body Wash Soap

Meridio Extra Fine Gentleman Scented Body Wash Soap

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You are a prelude to what you will be: elegant, decisive, unique among others. The Gentleman Meridio Men's Soap is a preview of yourself, an iconic, modern man and citizen of the world. This soap embodies the perfect balance between intense and delicate scents that extend from East to West. Created with 98% ingredients of natural origin and certified Made in Italy and VeganOK , it is a statement of style, nature and ethics.

Characteristics of Gentleman Meridio Men's Soap:

  • For the Iconic Man: This soap is designed for the man who knows who he is, where he is going and how he will achieve success, leaving a distinctive mark wherever he goes.
  • Perfumes from East to West: This soap brings together intense and delicate scents from different cultures, creating an extraordinary sensorial experience.
  • Natural Origins: With 98% ingredients of natural origin, our soap guarantees effective and respectful cleansing of your skin.
  • Ethical Certifications: We are proud to announce that Meridio Gentleman Men's Soap is Made in Italy and VeganOK certified, reflecting the attention to quality and ethics that distinguish it.

Use Meridio Gentleman Men's Soap to wash your hands and body and let its scent and elegance accompany you in every moment of your day. Each use will be a style statement and a tribute to your uniqueness. Add a touch of class to your daily routine and discover how this soap can highlight your signature style.

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